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Graham Jones is one of the world’s leading glass artists. His work has been commissioned in religious, corporate and civic buildings across the world, including the US, South America, China, Germany and Great Britain.

Graham Jones’ glass artwork sets a standard of artistic quality that is intern ationally renowned. His paintings amalgamate peaceful qualities with dynamic energy. It is this paradoxical expression that gives them an uplifting and transcendent quality. Both natural and dreamlike impressions are captured in these powerful and expressive compositions.

Graham Jones develops the final detailed image as the result of many stages of development. After being professionally trained first as a painter and then as a glass artist, Graham received the prestigious Howard Martin Design Award. His work most often revolves around abstraction as a tool for creating dynamic compositions and a compelling atmosphere. Graham Jones’ artwork manages to achieve two crucial goals – consistency and originality. One can always recognise his work, notably for its vibrant colours. However, within his recognisable style there is huge and evolving variety, from soft brush strokes and bold forms to geometric pattern and representational elements. He creates artworks that aim to capture something intrinsic and memorable about a location.

Ohne Titel

Ein Teil der Ausstellung
"Auf der Suche nach dem Licht der Welt"
Die Auflage beträgt 20 Stück,
45 x 45 cm, jede Scheibe ist nummeriert und signiert.

Preis: 1.350,00 € inkl. MwSt.

Echt-Antik-Überfanggläsers, Gravur, Schwarzlot, Verbleiung mit unterschiedlichen Bleiruten

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