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Born in Paris in 1958, Malel is a father of four. Through his work, he aims to be a “advocate for Joy ”, as showcased by the title of his 2014 exhibition in Paris. His body of work is very diversified, ranging from portraits, landscapes and stain glass windows, to tapestries, etchings and religious paintings. When asked about this variety of means and inspirations, he answers by saying “why should we be restricted in our ways to express happiness? If all these talents have been given to us, it is so we can use them. Why shouldn’t artists pass on the patterns of happiness emblematic of his time to future generations?” He likes to paint ever-changing river flows, forests, unique personalities through portraits, children peacefully sleeping, couples walking together, gardens and flowers, brightly coloured skies… Many themes from which he draws his optimism. The guiding thread of his work is to choose Joy.

His colour pallet includes bright and joyful colours. He is committed to showing how much every individual is complex and sensitive…He believes that the wider the colour pallet the better, in order to reflect this infinite variety of human nature. His collaborations with the French painter Mac Avoy, the French poet Pierre Gibert, the gallery owners Didier and Hervé Aaron, the master glass maker Parot, the loom setters Peter and Frederique Schoenwald, have brought him to believe that the strongest artistic creations are those which are commissioned. This fosters a specific type of communion between people.

In 2000 he created a huge painting of 8 x 8 m for the church La Trinité in Paris, representing Christ looking straight at the audience, and promising tenderness and compassion without ever trying to impose. This painting has been displayed in many different places throughout France and Belgium. It inspired Cardinal Danneels when he wrote the long poem he read in Hasselt in 2006 in front of 1500 people.

Malel is currently working on many different projects: two tapestries on the theme of flowers and gardens, stained glass windows for three different chapels, a painting on the theme of Trust, and a series of drawings about the Resurrection.

"Confident in my life"

Ein Teil der Ausstellung
"Auf der Suche nach dem Licht der Welt"
Die Auflage beträgt 20 Stück,
45 x 45 cm, jede Scheibe ist nummeriert und signiert.

Preis: 1.100,00 € inkl. MwSt.

Zwei geätzte und bemalte Echt-Antikgläser mit Abstand voreinander gesetzt

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